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"Spirituality never comes from any religion, scripture or belief.

In reality, it's your true nature, which is always there. It is like the spring of water in a well. The water doesn't come in from the outside. " 

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[Originalgröße] Dunkel Pinselstriche Kirche Dreiseitige Broschüre (30 x 21 cm) (29.7 x 21

A real light in this world 

His disciples call him Guruji, his name is Shri Pankaj Kumar Divedi. A spiritual master, who is accompanying seekers with his love, openness, devotion and humor on their spiritual path. 

Guruji lives and teaches real devotion, unconditional love and mindful living in the moment. He helps seekers of truth to break free from all boundaries and to live their true nature.  

Use any Indian or Western scriptures as a guide Guruji doesn't want to say: “Every master has different techniques. I have my technique. There are more than seven billion people on earth as well as many ways. Everyone has to find his or her way and find out, what he or she really wants. Scriptures are a good starting point, but eventually everyone comes to the point, where they have to go their own way, where 
you can no longer follow any advisor. " 

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"Spiritual Journey means to fall in Love with yourself."

Shri Pankaj Kumar Divedi 


Born and raised in Delhi, he was taught astrology and yoga by his parents as a child. His father initiated him into the secrets of Indian philosophy and the wonders of life. For more than 300 years, his family has supported and helped people on their way to themselves.

He gave his life, to support people on their spiritual path to accompany. Because of this, he opens his doors and windows and welcomes everyone. 

Truth is universal and manifests itself in full consciousness. You are warmly welcomed to feel his wonderful energy. 

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[Originalgröße] Dunkel Pinselstriche Kirche Dreiseitige Broschüre (30 x 21 cm) (29.7 x 21
[Originalgröße] Dunkel Pinselstriche Kirche Dreiseitige Broschüre (30 x 21 cm) (29.7 x 21

Spirituelles Date mit Guruji

Du kannst Guruji ganz zwanglos bei spirituellen Gesprächen, Tee und indischen Snacks kennenlernen. Oder hast du Fragen und brauchst spirituelle Führung? Erfahre hier mehr!

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Can the truth be put into words or can it just be experienced for oneself?

Often, however, true words help us on the journey of life.

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Are you looking for the truth? Do you want to be closer to yourself?

Hear and feel in this Satsang:

"The first steps of your spiritual journey"

Or look for a topic out of many satsangs, that you like:

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Would you like to meet Guruji live and immerse yourself in his energy?

Click here for the current program! 


Connect with us

Would you like to learn more about Guruji and the Sangha?

Then please contact us. We are happy about every soul, who wants to go with us and enjoy!

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