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Meditation - Dhyaan

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Dhyaan means to connect self, to love self &

not focusing on anything outside.

Dhyaan is your true nature.


Focusing on an object is not meditation, actually it is more related with concentration. 

You can't make plan in advance for meditation . You can't fix one direction or object for meditation, it's beyond all boundaries and more spontaneous.  

Actually it's like flowing or happening. When you find meditation according to your true nature, that can help you faster.

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[Originalgröße] Dunkel Pinselstriche Kirche Dreiseitige Broschüre (30 x 21 cm) (29.7 x 21

There are infinite techniques of meditation available outside. 

A person should find meditation, which suits to him or her, not according to other person outside.

Maybe you can depend on any specific outside meditation in the beginning, but not for a longer. And try to go more deeper in you without depend on anything outside.

It should be totally free.

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The basic point for all meditations is to bring your mind in the present moment.

It's not doing, more being.

So just live here and now with your flow, 
that will be your TRUE MEDITATION.

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Pinselstrich rot (1)_edited.png
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"Our only true and loyal friend is the present moment."

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