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Ayurvedic food
Yogic diet

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Pinselstrich weiß_edited_edited.png
Pinselstrich weiß_edited_edited.png
[Originalgröße] Dunkel Pinselstriche Kirche Dreiseitige Broschüre (30 x 21 cm) (29.7 x 21

"Jaisa khaye ann waisa baney man"

A famous saying in Hindi, it is said that a man becomes what he eats. Diet has an intimate connection with gross body and subtle body. Body takes the karmic energy of all your food.  


Yogic diet is very good for practicing yoga and spiritual practice. How you grow raw food (from where you get), how you cook, how you eat and what do you eat, are four most important questions for your diet. So one should be very careful for choosing the right diet.

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