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Being with the truth

The word "Satsang" combines the two Sanskrit words "Sat" = truth and "Sang" = group. A group of people seeking for the truth.

Gathering together for the truth. Whenever something increases your experience of the truth, it opens your heart and quiets your mind. Conversely: Whenever something such as a thoughts, fear or judgment, limits or narrows your experience of the truth, the heart contracts and mind becomes busier.


Being with the truth is Satsang, or the experience of existence. 

Satsang helps to clear your doubts, to clean your mind and to understand yourself. It helps to develop your spiritual journey.

We should try to do Satsang with ourselves, with friends and with family. This increases the positive energy and opens the doors of your self-realization.

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"After a great karma and austerity we get human form, but it's a pitty most of the people destroy this opportunity because of ignorance and illusion. Somehow people find their life style and work according to their mind, but not according to their true nature ... wake up before it's too late!”

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"Once you know the truth, your entire life is satsang."

In his Satsangs Guruji speaks about mindfulness, living in the moment, 
unconditional love and freedom. 

You can ask questions in group or just listen and be there.

Guruji takes you on a spiritual journey back to yourself. 

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Spirituelles Date mit Guruji 

Wenn du Guruji zwanglos zu einem spirituellen Gespräch kennenlernen möchtest, so hast du an vielen Samstagen die Gelegenheit dazu! 

Erfahre mehr zu den Terminen hier:

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