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Seva /sewa- it means offering service from the bottom of heart and selfless. You can see see this kind of seva by volunteer in ashram, in temple, in the hospital, etc.
People can do also physically or mentally. Thinking good about others, blessing others & sending positive vibration. 
Some example - cleaning, cooking, gardening, helping at desk in ashram, temple or hospital, etc.
If you do this with your totality and mindfulness, then it becomes like meditation. Even if you speak nice with others or smiling with others is the seva. 

It’s support from one soul to others.


In our ashram we have different seva-possibilities. In the centre is always the spiritual journey to yourself, united with your heart-seva.

We offer seva-weekends free of cost as well as voluntary work combined with appreciation. We are a small ashram, which is payed by a few students privately. Unfortunately we don’t have the possibility to offer seva throughout the year free of cost.
You are supporting e.g. with gardening, cleaning, cooking, housekeeping or skilled manual works. Whatever is needed in that moment.

Feel free to contact us, we‘re looking forward to any helping hand.

When you are with your mind, you are separate, but when you are with your heart there is n
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